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Tune in to hear The Mosh Pit with Phil Graham Every Monday at 9pm (Repeated every Thursday at 9pm)

Phil Graham

My Show brings you a good mash-up of assorted rock and metal from across the decades. Im a die hard rocker, having bounced around the country with my two band for the past 10 years! If you like an eclectic mix of the rock genre from the heavy to the mellow and from the progressive and the classic to the rnodern and downright bizarre, check out The Mosh Pit on DH9 Radio every monday at 9.00pm. Repeated at the same time every Thursday.

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Charlie Forbes

I joined my first band in the sixties in Perth Scotland. When I moved to Aberdeen i was involved with many musicians in a booming music scene created by the oil industry. Work took me away from music until we moved to London in the eighties where my pal was getting recognition and he dragged me into his support team whilst holding down a high pressured job. I gained an incredible knowledge of the industry and had a great time from making records to live shows, TV and Radio..  I joined DH9 Radio in 2020 after talking to Bryan on Facebook, and decided to make a weekly rock show.

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Tune in to hear Charlie every Tuesday at 7pm till 9pm.

DH9 Radio is a community project based in Stanley. Co. Durham.  Our presenters and staff are volunteers.


Here at DH9 Radio, we seek to nurture local talent and help people develop their skills in broadcasting and production.  Interested in joining us?  Apply Here!


At DH9 we’re passionate about radio in all its various forms.  From music radio to talk radio and audio drama, you can hear it all here. It’s all thanks to the support and feedback from listeners like you that we are able to deliver world-class shows to a worldwide audience from our studio in the North East of England.


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We are always on the lookout for talent, be it presenters, producers, technicians or reporters.  We are also looking for writers of audio drama and voice actors.


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