Darren McMahon


Can be found scampering about PACT house or lurking in the studio, Darren has a wide-ranging musical taste which he will be bringing to his live shows.  Not only that but he is a talented guitarist with the skill and aplomb of Dave Lister.

Garry Benfold

Garry was discovered by a tribe of pygmies while they were travelling through the backcountry of Consett on their way towards East Stanley. He was left with a well-meaning family to be raised to adulthood, a milestone he has almost entirely given up on reaching. He was “educated” at the histerical institution then known as Stanley Comprehensive, come for the lead paint and stay for the asbestos. His musical tastes range far and wide, from Canadian hip hop to Canadian metal, via Canadian pop and rock. He can be often be found at, where for four days a week he shows just how little he knows about both music and journalism. He also helps to produce a monthly music podcast for a cookie-obsessed hairy host that is seldom seen wearing pants, Wild Raccoon.

Dave Clarke


I’m Dave Clarke and a huge music fan, particularly lndie, Rap and Metal - not so much a fan of the Monkeydonk but will never write a particular genre off completely.
I’ve been going to music festivals since my first one at 17 when I packed all my mates in my Bedford van and headed off to Glastonbury, where Blur and Pulp were battling for the Britpop crown. The Lemonheads and Rage Against the Machine made that weekend memorable, even more than the famous ‘river of sewerage’ that tried to take our tent.
I’m a committed Vegan so expect a sprinkling of the Smiths and Morrissey as you fancifully fry your flesh.
As well as doing radio, I’m a director and trustee of two charities, including an animal rescue charity.
In my spare time I like to do a bit Policing. Party on dudes

Bryan F Irving/DJ Ghost has been a club and events DJ for over 20 years and has more than a decade of experience as a radio presenter.
He is passionate about radio drama and audio plays.  As 'Ghost' he hosts our late night show of ghost stories and Gothic horror.  He also hosts 'As time Goes goes by' (Music from the 1920s to the 1960s) and shows showcasing alternative music form post-punk and cold wave to rock and industrial

Kevin Moor

Kevin has been a music fan for 4 decades. The first album he bought was Parallel Lines by Blondie which he still has on cassette He has a wide breadth of musical taste and knowledge, and likes many types of bands from Black Sabbath to the Pet Shop Boys.  He is an avid cd and vinyl collector.

Lee Money


Lee has been a record collector since he was young and has quite a wide range of tastes which he will be bringing to his shows here on DH9 Radio.

Illuminerdy Pannel


6 guys who spend their spare time playing with toy soldiers, watching films, playing video games and playing advanced forms of let's pretend the Illuminerdy pannel are often joined by like-minded guests as they talk about all thinks Nerdy or geeky.

From tabletop RPGs and wargames to Fantasy and SF books and films the Panel are Ben Watson, Bryan Irving, Connor Milne, David Milne, Sam McMahon and Scott Turner with occasional guests.

James Kane

A well known local DJ, James brings a range of pop and chart music to the airwaves live on DH9 Radio

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