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Dance 22

Dance and Club hits

Our brand new show dedicated to club and dance music from the last 10 years broadcasts every Wednesday night at 10p.m. Mark from the "your in my spot" daytime show has put together a new show aimed at everyone who can't get enough beats. He is choosing some of the best tuuuunes. If your listening in the car turn the volume up. It makes sense. Email your requests to mark.dh9radio@yahoo.com

When the dead won't rest, and need, hate and madness turn even the still-living against each other, will Professor Jonas Waight save the town of Greenly from themselves?

And how much of himself will he destroy to do it.

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Lee and Lewis

Showcasing new releases from local and national talent, Lee and Louis bring you new music, reviews and insights.

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The Basement

Garry Benfold

What's that noise coming from the basement? 
That must be Garry with two hours of new releases and hits from across the Atlantic in Cannada!


A Canticle for Leibowitz


Set in a Catholic monastery in the desert of the southwestern United States after a devastating nuclear war and spanning thousands of years as civilization rebuilds itself. Adapted for radio from the classic SF novel by Walter M. Miller 


Charnel House Radio Show

DJ Ghost

Join DJ Ghost for two hours of Goth, Post Punk, Darkwave and Cold Wave.
From Bauhaus to Xymox, The Cure to Zeromanccer, DJ Ghost takes you on an exploration of music from the darkside.

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The Dark Side

Otto the Auto DJ Gets his Goth On

Inspired by his hero DJ Ghost, Otto the auto DJ has a crack at an hour of goth and Coldwave.  So join Ottoh as he gets his goth on for an hour of music from the dark side.

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The Dying Time

With Darren McMahon

Join Darren McMahon as he unleashes an hour of rock and metal on the airwaves.



Panel Show

If Great Cthulhu was a panel show it would be 'Illuminerdy'.

Tune in to hear the panel discuss sci-fi, fantasy, computer and tabletop games, films and TV.

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In Conversation With...

Chat Show

Each Month Bryan invites a local writer, poet, author, artist or creative person onto the show to talk about their life, work, art and experiences.

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Kenopsia (Pandora's Wake: The Nomad Chronicles)


The Pandora Event tore holes in the walls of our universe and let in another, deadly universe.   The Other-Verse has come crashing through the rips and is turning our world into a nightmarish vision of itself.

Trapped in Switzerland a band of survivors are desperately trying to escape a continent being devoured by the alien flora and fauna.


From the Novel "Kenopsia"  Book one of The Nomad Chronicles by B F Irving.  Read by the Author. 

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K-Pop with Cloe


DH9 Radio's resident K-pop expert takes you on a musical journey through Korean and Japanse pop and dance music, bring you some of her favourite songs from the genre.

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Layton's Mad Hour

Layton Dodds

Get your day started with aide range of music chosen for you by the irascible Layton.  Pop your requests in the chatroom or let Layton take you on a journey through his musical tastes. 

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Spermy The Spaceman

Prerecorded with Spermy the Spaceman

Brace yourselves for Spermy, coming at you with an hour of electronica

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Tales From Beyond A Darkened Sky


Turn the lights down low, pour yourself a drink for your nerves, huddle under the blankets if you must, and join Ghost as he... takes you beyond a darkened sky.  Full cast radio play ghost stories and tales of the supernatural.

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With Darren McMahon

Each week Darren brings you an hour of music built around a new theme.  Want to suggest a theme for him and hear what he comes up with?  Email your suggested themes to dh9radio@mail.com

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Then and Now

With DJ KraZe

Join DJ KraZe, for a range of music, live from Studio #1

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Teatime Tales


A selection of short, family-friendly, radio plays for you to listen to at Teatime.  From the Wizard of Oz t the Secret Garden and cosy mysteries - join DH9 Radio for a story or two.

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Dave Clarke

Anything could happen in the next hour as Dave Clarke takes control of the airwaves and throws genre out of the window (Hopefully he will open it first this time).  Be advised, this show contains strong language.

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Wild Raccoon Radio Show

A Wild Raccoon and not just Garry Benfold in a mask - honest

Have you ever wondered what would happen if a sentient Racoon got hold of a record collection and a text to voice converter? 
Well, neither had we to be entirely honest but now we know.
Tune to hear the result!

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Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Andre, Owen and Davy

Tech Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself
3 Men, 2 hours and 1 goal - to bring top-class chat and banter about gadgets, films and computer games to an eager public. The boys from DOA Productions inform, enlighten and entertain.  Featuring the Tech Bin - tell them what tech you think should be sent to the bin each week and see what they throw out.

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The Wind Down

Kevin Moor

A perfect way to relax after work with music to help you unwind with Kevin Moor at the helm.

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Your Hour


Your Hour your show. Members of the community choose the content and can either come in to co-host the show or let our presenters do it for them.   Each weak a member of the community can use their hour to select tunes, drama or chat for us to broadcast.  Want to create your own show but not sue you have the confidence to host it alone or the technical skill to produce it?  Email us at dh9radio@mail.com and tell us what you would like to have on your show.  You can join the presenter in the studio to co-host your show or ask us to have one of our presenters host it for you.